ANNOUNCEMENT: War of Tribes Tiered System Passive Rewards & Mintpass is now LIVE!

War of Tribes has announced a tiered passive income system that allows WOTG holders to earn in-game NFT, required to play the game allocations as well as airdrops for the upcoming months after demo launch.

Passive game rewards will be sent to WOTG holders after the early access release in the form of loot boxes. These will include tokens and rare NFTs and will be based on the amount of WOTG the player is holding, including tokens used for staking and farming.

WOTG holders can participate in the Passive Rewards System by registering their wallet inside our google form!

Finally, as our Mintpass just went live, early Mintpass holders will also be eligible to claim passive rewards without the requirement to hold WOTG (they will still have to register their wallet inside our form).

1 Mintpass equivalent to 50,000 WOTG rewards

2 Mintpasses equivalent to 100,000 WOTG rewards

3 Mintpasses equivalent to 130,000 WOTG rewards

4 Mintpasses equivalent to 180,000 WOTG rewards

War of Tribes Mintpass is now LIVE!

“Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.” — William Arthur Ward.

During the rise of so much Crypto uncertainty, War of Tribes aims to take a secure approach with our Exclusive NFT MMORPG GAME!

Players won’t want to miss this amazing chance to get into the project now to enjoy a handful of early advantages. There are limited spots available and they’re going fast. Only the first 500 are going to get in and only the first 500 will get the MINT PASS.

Ever wanted to buy NFTs? Great! Get one for free and receive a discount on others.

Can’t wait for the game to be released? Worry not. Mint Pass holders will be the first to test the swing of the sword and will even get a coin airdrop out of the blue.

All of this and more is available exclusively to Mint Pass holders.

Here’s a list of all the benefits Mint Pass holders receive:

• Free NFT Mint For Future Drops

• 30% discount on the second NFT

• 25% discount on the third NFT

• Ability to play War of Tribes early access launching In March

• Regular airdrops as specified in roadmap for NFT holders only

• Priority access to future NFT mints and events

Make sure to fill out the application for a chance to access the NFT launches, Passive Rewards and Mint pass sale while they are available:

More information about War of Tribes can be found at:








War of Tribes is an online. blockchain powered third-person MMORPG PvP game that allows players to build their characters earn rewards and unique NFTs.

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War of Tribes

War of Tribes

War of Tribes is an online. blockchain powered third-person MMORPG PvP game that allows players to build their characters earn rewards and unique NFTs.

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